Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Usually after a Summer rain in the evening, the Earth begins to release all the
aromatic smells of bark, grass, leaves, soil and more.
I decided to wait till the end of the rain which was about forty minutes until I trotted off to the Post Office to mail a utility bill, so as to "be on time."

The Post Office is a quick 7 minute walk from my home. As I crossed the second block, I felt the rush of my legs collapsing underneath me and with quick responses learned from past experiences I opened a pack of Glucose Gel, but fell onto the waiting earth and grass whose sweet smells provided sanctuary for me till I would be able to stand.
As I continued to lay on the ground the sound of a car passed and stopped with the Driver asking, "are you alright?" I told him that I have T1DM and my blood sugar is very low.
He said that he worked in a hospital and understood, but also inquired whether I took something for the low blood sugar?
Both he and his young son were very kind to me as they helped me to my feet and offered to drive me home(2 blocks).
They even waited until I was able to reach the building door before they left.
Thank you whoever and wherever you are..........................


Scott said...

It's always nice when strangers are helpful, rather than impediments!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Angels indeed! Sorry to hear that you had to deal with that low, but I am glad to hear that you made it through in one piece.

BetterCell said...

Hello Scott and Scott K. I know that both of you had and have to deal with this recurring problem that is so much a part of living with T1DM on a 24/7 basis.
The circumstances that surround each of us during our Hypoglycemia make for interesting experiences and reading.
thank you for being there and your understanding.

Minnesota Nice said...

BC - that sounds horrible. But, at least you fell onto some nice soft grass rather than bonking your head on the pavement. Sigh.
Yes, we have to remember the goodness that exists, all around us. I'm glad you are okay.

Kevin said...


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